My First Book – Part mid-life crisis and part love letter to Canada

RoundTrip: How I Found Myself on Three Wheels

My first book, “Round Trip: How I Found Myself on Three Wheels”, details the dramatic shifts in my life. At 55, I hopped on my Can-Am Spyder motorcycle and to figure it all out! It’s available at various places online – Amazon, Indigo (eBook only), Barnes & Noble, Target and numerous other sellers.

Pictures from my adventure: One Minute Montage of Round Trip

Just after the book was published, I hosted a Coach Connect with Canada Coach Academy to talk about my journey:

Reader Reviews

“What a Canadian ride of your life …. hang on to your hat!!” (from someone I met along the way!)

The life lessons, the reminders the reflections, the humor….it all serves up a juicy meaty thought provoking book.” Nor B (Amazon Review)

“Peppered with hilarious anecdotes and thoughtful insight, this book will warm your heart and give you the chance to explore Canada from the comfort and safety of your own home.” Sarah (Amazon Review)

I loved this book! It was a reminder to me that we DO have choices in our life, and it just remains to be seen if we are courageous enough to make them. Wendy did. It’s an inspiration to me, and anyone else who thinks they have no choice but to live the life they are living.” Sue (Amazon Review)

Wendy McGean shares her solo journey traveling across Canada on a three-wheeled motorcycle in search of a new way to live her life. The book is honest and authentic and leaves you cheering as she discovers some of the most important lessons of her life.” Vanda (Amazon Review)

“I even discovered a few pieces of myself along the way. Thanks for the amazing voyage!” Claudine (Amazon Review)

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